Flagpoles and Flags

Flagpoles of very high quality are made from fibreglass. They are light, sturdy and stainless. Monolith fibreglass constructions are wind resistant up to 25 meters/second, poles are bendable and lightweight (14-42 kg). Poles are rustproof and do not require special care or painting; poles insulate electricity and are easyly mountable. The height of flagpoles with external flag lifting mechanism is 5-18, for internal mechanism – 5-12 meters.

Mobile flagpoles are stable and sturdy. Flagpole is made out of aluminium; it has a plastic base, which can be filled with sand or water that gives stability. In that way mobile flagpoles can be put outdoors when wind speeds reach up to 50.4 km/h . Mobile flagpoles, 4 and 5.4 meters high, are perfectly suitable for attracting attention in various events and fairs, where it is crucial to step out of the crowd.